Delve in a world of beauty and rejuvenation, enjoying our wide selection of makeup products and face creams. At Pharmacy Apergis, you will have the chance to discover the complete collection of Korres beauty and makeup products, based on natural ingredients. Other brands feature La Roche Posay, Vichy and Avene.
Give your skin the love and care it deserves, choosing through multiple high-quality face creams. Dermatologically tested products from brands like Nuxe and Frezyderm, Vichy and Apivita (another Greek company leading the market of holistic, natural beauty products like Korres), Youthlab and Mey from Switzerland are all available at the most affordable price rates. Explore invigorating masks and special products for all skin types and needs. Beautify yourself while in Tinos, because you deserve all the pampering in the world!


There is nothing like the Greek sun gently touching your skin. And the entire happiness of summer vacations can be depicted on your tan, for sure! However, sun should not be dealt with lightly and especially during those hot summer months. At Pharmacy Apergis, find the perfect match for your skin and get the sunscreen that will keep you 100% protected from UV rays.

A wide selection of sunscreens for women, men and babies will definitely keep sunburns at bay. Frezyderm velvet for babies and Avene, La Roche Posay for face and baby protection, as well as Korres, Nuxe and Apivita, Bioderma, Vichy and Intermed are all here for you to choose from. Protect your face and body against the sun and enjoy your vacations care-free!


Health is the ultimate gift and we know it very well. Pharmacy Apergis covers the needs of the entire island of Tinos medication-wise, since there are three different stores located strategically. Customers can be served directly at one of these stores or, in case there is no stock available, they can order the drugs that arrive the following working day (Friday -Saturday). For your convenience, orders can also be completed via phone. And keep in mind that most medications are exceptionally affordable in Greece, allowing you superb flexibility and endless possibilities in the sensitive field of health.

Personal and Baby Care

Your precious little ones deserve the best care ever! And to offer them just that, there is really no other destination in Tinos but Pharmacy Apergis. Here is where you will find high-quality, hypoallergenic baby care products and diapers that keep your baby dry and tear-free. With the guarantee of esteemed brands like Frezyderm and Apivita, you do not need to worry about skin irritations or any other issue, however trivial, which may interfere with your peace of mind and your baby’s calmness.

A wide array of personal care products can be found at our pharmacies in Tinos, enabling you too to remain pampered beyond compare!


Intoxicating aromas that bring those fairytale moments to life and complete the perfect scenery! What more could you ask for? At Pharmacy Apergis, we make sure that your vacations have the exact aroma that you have dreamed of. Sweet or spicy, fruity or flowery, light and subtle or more intense, there are fragrances for all types and personalities. Choose perfumes for women and men, from brands like L’ Erbolario and Roger Gallet, Nuxe and Korres. Let those fragrances take you places you have never been before, accompanying the loveliest Tinos sunsets and the most thrilling backdrops on the island…


Don’t let a slight injury or even chronic pain get in the way of the perfect vacations in Tinos! Visit one of our pharmacies and get adequately equipped to deal with any orthopedic emergency. In order to treat an injured knee or elbow, a swollen wrist or ankle, you must have the proper orthopedics by your side. Let alone the ice packs and heating ointments or pads that prevent smaller injuries from turning into something serious. And since nobody foresees such incidents, such equipment is most likely not in your suitcase. But you know who to call in such cases, right?

Food Supplements

Vacations are meant to be fun and carefree. But this does not mean that you should neglect your health. So when in Tinos, you should continue on your path to wellness and get those food supplements your body and mind need. At Pharmacy Apergis, you will find vitamins and Omega 3 supplements, along with multivitamin packs and all other health products that will keep you on track. Brands available at our stores in Tinos include Health aid and Power Health, Centrum and Lambert’s, Solgar, Eviol and Superfood.

Dental Care

Keep your teeth shiny and bright, maintaining them in perfect condition. That’s how you will be able to enjoy delicious ice-cream cones and refreshing cocktails, ice cold beverages and so much more, without having to worry about sudden toothache or discomfort. At Pharmacy Apergis, you will find everything you need for dental cleaning and protection. Toothbrushes and toothpastes for all types of sensitivity and for special requirements, tooth whitening products and antiseptic mouthwash products, everything for your oral hygiene is here…So smile!

Veterinary Drugs

Pets are adorable and they most certainly deserve a place in your vacation planning in Tinos! But what happens when there is an emergency with your pet and you realize you have forgot their medications back home? Well, don’t you worry! Pharmacy Apergis holds a special place for your little furry friends and therefore we have created a whole category of veterinary drugs available at our stores. Anything from brands like Bayer and Ceva, MSD and Provet, Virbac and so much more will keep your pet healthy and happy while on vacations!

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