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Contact us

Feel free to drop us a line for any question you may have or for completing your order promptly and efficiently. We will do our best to reply as soon as possible.

At Pharmacy Apergis, we care about people and we want to offer top-class services in a courteous, warm manner that brings us closer together. It is a relationship built in trust, even with travelers to Tinos that do not know us personally. We aim at providing the optimal experience while on vacations in Tinos and we pride ourselves in being successful!

Having been transformed in a point of reference on the island of Tinos, Pharmacy Apergis will be happy to accommodate you in Greek, English or Italian language. Welcome to Tinos, welcome to Pharmacy Apergis!


Tinos, Chora

apergis pharmacy inner view

Address: 2, Trion Ierarchon, Tinos 842 00
Tinos Chora, Greece.
Tel: +30 2283022213


Komi area, Tinos

apergis pharmacy inner view2

Address: Epar.Od.  Tripotamou-Kallonis
Komi area, Tinos, Greece.
Tel: +30 2283051187


Steni area, Tinos

apergis pharmacy inner view3

Address: Epar.Od. Triantarou-Falatadou
Steni area, Tinos, Greece
Tel: +30 2283041287


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