Explore Tinos and Its Hidden Beauties


Explore Tinos and Its Hidden Beauties

Tinos is an island of the Aegean Sea and a part of the iconic Cyclades complex, with the whitewashed houses and cobbled narrow pathways. Discover its hidden treasures, in an adventure that will stay imprinted within your heart forever.

Vacations in Tinos can be exquisite, introducing you to a splendid fusion of the present and the past, history and culture, laid-back moments of invigoration and thrilling excitement through adrenaline-boosting activities.

This is an island that has it all and welcomes you to its special vibes. Get on board and let’s sail away in searches of Tinian beauty…

Exuding a Religious Aura

The island has been strongly linked with its religious character, as it is home to one of the largest and most famous churches in Greece. Our Lady of Tinos is a temple dedicated to the Annunciation of Virgin Mary and dates back to 1830.

It is located at the town and hosts an icon of Virgin Mary, which had been revealed to a nun miraculously. The dove-white church is impressive in size, as well as architecture. Pilgrims from all over Greece and the world travel to Tinos, so as to pray at this miraculous church and become part of a long-lasting tradition.

The Tinian Experience

But the island of Tinos is so much more than that. It is the leisurely stroll by the port at Tinos Chora or Town. The vibrant entertainment options, along with the succulent gastronomic wonders offered at restaurants and fish taverns. It is the rich cultural heritage highlighted through the museums and galleries across the island. It is the quaint villages, each one holding its distinct character and charms.

And of course, just like any other Greek island, it is the embroidered coastline with the inviting beaches that welcome you to dive right in. An excellent place to be, swim and soak under the Mediterranean sun.

Culture & History

Tinos is home to some of the best known sculptors and painters in Greece. Yannoulis Chalepas and Nikiforos Lytras, Nikolaos Gyzis and Sohos Lazarus are just few of the prominent personalities this island has given birth to. Marble Art is exceptional in this part of the country, allowing travelers to admire unique masterpieces of art and inspired works that have turned into classics.

Museums of Tinos like the Cultural Foundation of Tinos and the Archaeological Museum of the island also fascinate visitors, who are introduced to the timeless contribution of Tinos to Greek history and culture.

Folk Art

Among the major attractions of Tinos, you will see more than 600 pigeon houses scattered across the island. They date back to the Venetian rule and the oldest ones can be traced to the 13th century or even earlier.

Consisting of two levels, these pigeon houses depict the value of these beautiful birds to the locals. They are mostly white in color, boasting detailed decorations at the top. As for the material used, pigeon houses in Tinos are made of slate and they are fine examples of folk art that has survived through the centuries.

Local Gastronomy

At Tinos you will have the chance to taste fresh fish and seafood, straight from the sea to your plate. Grilled octopus and fried squid, lobster spaghetti and so much more served to you, prepared to perfection with love. As the cool salty breeze gently touches your cheeks and fondles your hair, get ready for magical dining experiences on the beachfront.

Ice cold beer (Tinos is the proud exporter of Nissos Beer, from a local microbrewery with multiple awards), ouzo and raki will accompany those great treats. And for wine lovers, local wines will keep you craving for more. After all, wine is the elixir of the Gods!

There are several distinctive cheese varieties found in Tinos. Kopanisti and petroma, tyraki (called volaki), feta and graviera are all delicious and go hand in hand with fresh leafy salads. Who has not dreamed of choriatiki salad, with cucumber and feta cheese, olives, tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil?

And then it’s the wide selection of appetizers and traditional main dishes that will delight you, leaving just enough room for dessert. Because in Tinos, sweets are divine!

How to Get Here

Tinos does not have an airport. Travelers who choose to fly to Greece then need to take the ferry from Athens, departing from Piraeus or Rafina ports (five and three hour trip, respectively). As part of Cyclades, Tinos is well connected with the other islands nearby. The ferry makes several other stops on the way to Tinos, such as Andros and Mykonos. So this is an ideal destination, for those of you interested in island hopping.

Cruise ships include Tinos to their itineraries, due to the smooth connectivity and idyllic location of the island. There are amazing routes to consider, for a glimpse at the islanders’ life in Cyclades. Charming, elegant and filled with light, these islands will sweep you off your feet right from the start.

As for accommodation, there are many hotels and rooms to let in Tinos for all budgets and preferences. The island is a surging tourist destination, with modern facilities covering contemporary demands in hospitality.

Weddings in Tinos

We have already commented on the devout character of Tinos island. But apart from praying and fulfilling sacred vows, Tinos is also a mesmeric wedding destination in Greece. Many couples choose to hold their wedding here on the island. Be it an Orthodox or Catholic wedding, civil wedding or even wedding renewal, Tinos has got all the facilities one might ask for.

Exchanging vows of eternal love and devotion in a dramatic backdrop, as the sun melts into the sea and thousands of colors burst in the sky, this is an experience to treasure. Equally popular are christenings and other social events in Tinos, like parties by the beach, corporate events and conferences.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule your vacations in Tinos and discover the hidden treasures of the island, in an adventure of a lifetime!

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